Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My fixed face...

I have always had pretty decent skin until I got pregnant with my 5th baby and my body decided to go wacko on me. I started getting the lovely pregnancy mask, which are deep brown spots on your face that NEVER go away. They got even worse with my 6th baby. Yes they fade a little but whenever your face sees the sun, they come right back and are very pronounced.
Nobody could really tell how bad they were because I would use make-up to cover them up but they have always bothered me.

since I am done having kids
and they were having an 80% off sale at this skin store,
I decided to go through with it.
I got my brown spots lasered.

Call it vain, call it crazy, call it whatever you want but
I am

In this picture, I am trying to show how bad the pregnancy mask was, which you can't really tell because it is such a bad picture, but take a look at the next picture.
This next picture is a few hours after having my brown spots lasered,
talk about pain.
It feels like someone is flipping your face with a rubber band HARD.
It looks awful, I know.
People looked at me weird, wouldn't look me in the eyes and I was even asked why my face was all bruised up.

This picture is a couple of days into the healing, I know it still looks awful, especially with the medicine on it.
But here you can see how prominent the brown spots are, the lasering brings the melanoma to the surface and eventually sloths off.
Can you blame me for doing it?

I hope it works! Wish me luck!


Trinette McCrary said...

Wow! I can totally see the difference. I know you have HATED your brown spots for a long time. You are beautiful no matter what! I wish I was brave enough to get my rosacea lasered which I Hate on my checks!

Laura said...

I never really noticed the spots before, but the after pics sure do make it show up! Glad you were able to get a bargain on your treatment : ) It always makes it much easier to spend money on oueself if it's on sale. Your skin looks great, very refreshed!

RaCHeL said...

Wow! Your skin looks amazing!!! I'm glad you went ahead & did this. You deserved it! Hopefully the rest of the treatments won't hurt as bad!

Sheila Madsen said...

Oh, my the process looks painful. Like OUCH! But the after picture sure looks great. You know the old saying "Beauty takes pains". Skin looks great.

Shauna_Rae said...

Becki, You are beautiful no matter what you do!!!!

Emily H said...

I am suprised to see you put these pictures up because you were dead set you weren't going to. You look beautiful as usual.

Aaron and Melissa said...

Wow-- Looks terribly painful! I have never noticed the spots before-- but either way, you look gorgeous!!

Hendry Happenings said...

You do look amazing, but when I read "first treatment" I cringed for you!

pacemaker said...

I guess now you can say, "It was worth it!" I've done things as well to improve my "look", never do I regret it!!! I love myself already, but it's even better when you love your body as well!