Sunday, September 14, 2014

A visit from Senator Owen Hill

When we lived in Colorado we became friends with Owen and Emily Hill. He has been very involved in politics as is now the Senator of Colorado. We were so excited to have him stop by our home for a quick visit and of course the little girls loved him and wanted a picture with their hat on him. 
Great times!

Rosemary Beach!

We went to Rosemary Beach Florida for Spring Break.
We had 8 kids total which made for a crazy but awesome time!

I had to buy so many groceries I had 3 carts. 
(We had 5 teenagers with us so it's no suprise)

We met our good friends the Ollmerts down there and had a blast with them!
The girls and I put fake tattoos on 





 We always have to visit the donut shop.
They sell the BEST Maple Bacon doughnut which even I will eat!

 These kids are so cute.
6 of mine and two friends.
 Our happy family of 8!

 My favorite part of the whole trip are the sunsets...
This is why.

 Love it and can't wait to go back!

My dad visits...

My padre was in town! 
He stayed with us for a couple of days before he had to go to his business meetings so we made sure we had a great time!

Sure love this man...

Neighborhood St. Patty's party...


and a serious game of pick up sticks!

Procastination and laundry...

This is what happens when your teenage daughter waits for two weeks to do laundry...

McKay's 17th Birthday!

This is what I have to do to get my 17 year old to take a picture with his mom.
He is 5 inches taller than me and totally strong but yes I did it. I got him to smile for a bday pic.
Happy Birthday my eldest son! And what a great birthday gift to get your braces off! 
I can't believe this is our last year with him
He is such a great kid.