Monday, January 1, 2007

Fun Summer Ideas...

Attend a play.
Attend a symphony
Give the kids $1.00 each and take them to the store to buy an ingredient for dinner.
Go camping
Go on a walk and at every corner flip a coin, head you go left, tails you go right. You'll never know where you will end up!
Grow a garden. Assign each kid a vegetable and teach them the keys to a great harvest.
Have a back to school party.
Have a lemonade stand.
Have friends over for a movie night.
Have the kids design their dream house or dream car.
Have your own water park in your back yard.
Hold a tea party.
Homemade bubbles
Instead of paying a lot of money for summer camps, have a group of friends teach the summer camp classes and trade.
Learn about your state's history.
Learn to tie knots.
Make a bird feeder.
Make a homemade sundial.
Make a movie.
Make a pinata.
Make an obstacle course.
Make bean bags.
Make bread
Make cardboard huts.
Make homemade butter.
Make homemade pizza.
Make homemade popsicles.
Make homemade puzzles.
Make your own kite and fly it.
Nature hike
Organize a neighborhood circus.
Organize toys.
Paint rocks.
Participate in your local library summer reading fun.
Show them how you ride a public bus and go somewhere fun.
Summer journals.
Take a family bike ride or roller blade trip.
Take dad cookies at work.
Taste test your kids cooking creations.
Teach your kids to do their laundry. You can have a sorting contest.
Tye dye.
Visit a different park each week and go on a picnic.
Wash cars.
Write on your windows with washable window markers and then have them clean your windows.
Write stories together.

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