Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My afternoon buddy..Savvy

Our sweet Savannah is home all day without her siblings (besides Hailey who is busy sleeping and growing) so each afternoon consists of some serious playtime! Here we captured some of those fun times! Thanks for playin' little miss!One of the 4 billion books I read to her a day.
Some serious tent making!
Building with legos.
A very competitive game of hide and seek! Hugs and Kisses Savvy!


Becki Madsen said...

Hi mom this is ashley, cute blog.

Laura said...

Looks like you girls have a lot of fun together! Such beautiful smiles! Love you!

Wendy said...

I love one on one time. She is so cute, love the pics of her in the hat.

Emily H said...

Too cute! What a fun mom. BTW, love the pics of your kids on the side. Must have had a great photographer!

RaCHeL & dOUg said...

Don't you just love Girl Time? I think it's great that you have Savvy time. I love the cheesy tent smile! So cute!

Granny Madsen said...

What fun! You are such a good mom to always make time for each one of your precious children. Loved the smiles. Savvy's smile is a lot like yours - full of warmth and generocity. Two beautiful girls having bonding time. Way to go.