Monday, November 17, 2008

What am I thankful for?

Day 6:
I am in love with running, I love how it makes me feel, look and not to mention it's so great for your heart!
My love for running started when I was a little girl and would ride my bike beside my dad as he ran for miles.
He always ran races and never looked tired.
We had so much fun a couple of years ago when we ran the Turkey Trot together!
I am thankful to him for instilling this passion in me.

I am slowly working up to my fighting shape after baby six and can't wait to start training for another half-marathon, (maybe a marathon someday!)
The best part of running races is the 'good job' kiss I get from my
Mr. Handsome
at the finish...


Lyndsay said...

Hey- do you want to run the Moab half marathon in March? Emily Trimble and I are with a bunch of people- I ran it last year and it's a great race! I'll send you details if your interested- it'd be fun to see you! I LOVE running too! It's so therapeutic for me!

Rock said...

Mr. Handsome - you are so cheesy and I LOVE IT! I wish I loved running.