Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kindergarten Zoo day...

Well, I braved Kindergarten Zoo day for the fourth time.
It is always so crazy-
if you take your eyes off of your kids for one second,
they will be lost in a sea of 10 million other children and so crazy that when you take your 2 year old to the bathroom, you forget your wallet and don't notice until you have made the 30 minute drive home!!!!
Despite the craziness, I was so glad I was able to go to the zoo with Logan!
Thanks for a fun day!

Logan and his friend Evan barely escaping the grasp of the bear's claws!



Trinette McCrary said...

You did it!! 4 down 2 to go! I'm happy you had a great time. It always seems to better once we get there.

Tawni said...

Logan is a doll and you look amazing as always!