Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Landsharks run...

Ashley, Carson and Logan are in the running club, Landsharks.
They had their second race yesterday and they all did GREAT!
Ashley placed 4th in the 100 M and 5th in the 400 M.
Carson placed 1st in the 100 M and 2nd in the 400 M.
Logan placed 6th in the 50 M and 6th in the 200 M.
Logan was so happy as he ran.
He kept smiling and looking behind him to make sure he was not going to be passed.
Ashley with her determined face, she did so good and beat most of the 6th graders.
And Carson with his all out race face
I had to keep taking pictures of Carson's face, he was so determined to win
and his face showed it!
He really has an amazing talent with running.
He is SO fast- I told him he could really go far with short distance running and he said he wants to go to the Olympics.
That's my boy-GO CARSON!


Laura said...

Way to go kidlettes! I'm glad you are all enjoy being Landsharks! You make Auntie Laura proud!

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

Run kids run! It must run in the family to be able to run fast short distance. :) Running a marathon like you Beck...no thanks, but a short quick dash...bring it on! :) Way to kids!

Shauna_Rae said...

I love those expressions on their faces. My favorite though is little Savannah hugging Carson at the end of his race.