Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teacher appreciation gifts...

My grandma was an elementary school teacher for 30 years. I have so many fond memories but two of my favorite are when she was my 3rd grade teacher and would say in a stern voice, "Becki, please come up and talk to me." Of course I thought I was in trouble but she would whisper in my ear how much she loved me and give me a wink- I felt like the greatest kid ever. Another fond memory was when she would invite all of her grand kids over after school got out for summer break and let us pig out on all of the teacher appreciation treats she got because there was a TON and she couldn't possibly eat it all! She would say how much she loved fruit and wished she would get more of it!
So this one is for you Grandma-my kids teacher appreciation gifts
(no treats included!)


ConversationsWithACupcake said...

Ohhh! Cute, cutety cute!

Look at those little green leaf tags? ADORABLE!

I always sweat about teacher gifts, but this idea is so simple and useful! How many of these baskets do you think the Martinex teachers can take before realizing we're all just copying your grand idea?

Trinette McCrary said...

Great idea, Becki.

Tawni said...

Perfect idea - I'm always at a loss for what to give my boys' teachers. They've had some fab teachers over the years - and how do you really let them know how grateful for what they've done for your kids??

Super cute baskets and tags!

Emily H said...

Whenever she would call me to her desk she would have me check if her breath stunk! HAHA