Friday, June 26, 2009

Boy Scout Camp

McKay had his first Boy Scout -week long- camp and they invited the families to join them on Friday night. Jason was out of town so I loaded up my five kids and niece and we drove the 45 minutes to eat dinner with McKay. It was so good to see him! We have missed him dearly, especially Savvy who asks every morning where her 'Tay' is.
I must say if you are going to have a camp out, this is the place! BEAUTIFUL!
McKay showing off his quarters to his siblings.

A boys dream, the tallest most exciting trees ever!
Go Carson!

Mom packing the babies.

Logan and Savvy

Cute little Hailey

Ashley touched something, then touched her eye and had her eye so swollen it wouldn't open.

And of course when it was time to say goodbye to McKay, Savvy couldn't even stand up she was so upset. She wanted her 'Tay' and cried the whole 1/2 mile it took to get to the car...


Trinette McCrary said...

Ouch her poor eye. Looks like McKay had a great time. Darling pictures. How come you always look beautiful?

Laura said...

Poor Ash and Sav :( I love the pic of Logan and Savvy.

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

How nice to go up there & see his camp! That is so precious that Savvy misses him so. I couldn't help but chuckle over the tantrum pics. :) I too love the photo of Logan & Savvy! See you soon!

Tawni said...

Colorado is SO beautiful!!! Gorgeous family!

Jason said...

great pics, especially Savvy! See you soon!

Josh and Erika Thorne Family said...

So sweet of your Savvy to miss her brother so much! Was it so heartbreaking to have him leave for a whole week!?

Shauna_Rae said...

You are amazing to take all the kids and go up there Becki!!!