Monday, June 15, 2009


This might make some people queezy so be prepared!
Most people have baby teeth that actually fall out, but not McKay-
no his teeth are way too comfortable in his mouth to
come out on their own.
He has had to have 14 teeth pulled out by a dentist.
So here is the latest round, 8 teeth pulled out at once..
Just look at the roots on some of those teeth,
they were never going to come out!
for the tooth fairy and the upcoming orthodontics!
We love you bud, heal fast!


Jason said...

you are one tough guy big Mac!

Hendry Happenings said...

Wow, I feel for your little guy. Doug pulled 10 of mine and the promised popsicles were not worth it!

Trinette McCrary said...

Poor thing-ouch! Beautiful flowers, what a nice surpirse.

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

What a trooper! Too bad Doug won't be done with school in time to do his ortho. Maybe some of the other kids tho ;)

pacemaker said...

Yuck! That sucks!