Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life experiences with Suzy the pig...

While we were in Utah, G'pa and G'ma Lowder had a pregnant pig that was ready to give birth at any moment. The kids would check on 'Suzy' every visit. She ended up giving birth to 8 piglets, one died and she kicked one in the head on accident. Everyone tried to take care of the injured pig, especially Ashley who cuddled him and tried to help him feel better. But it was not meant to be and the little piglet died. It was a good time to talk about life with my kids because they were all pretty sad.
But besides the sad part-it was so neat to have the kids see the process of birth with animals and to see how protective the pig was with her piglets.
Thanks G'pa and G'ma!

G'pa Lowder helping the pig get a little more comfortable before she gives birth.

Suzy and her piglets...

Ashley trying to care for the injured pig she named, 'Babe'.

Ashley our future veterinarian holding Babe.

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pacemaker said...

Ashley reminds me of myself when I was young, I was always trying to nuture some injured bird or kitten back to health, almost always to have them die anyway. I still have such a hard time when anyone or anything dies. She has a tenderheart for sure. If love would have kept the piglet from dying I'm sure it would have lived. Sweet Ashley.