Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby gift idea...

I have had some requests to post the poem I made up for a baby gift I gave my sister in law.
I don't have pictures but can just post the words and you can create your own!

It was called...

"The five must haves for every new baby..."

1. Lots of good books to read to me cuz my brain is a growin' rapidly!

2. A bunch of bibs to catch my food cuz lookin' dirty is just plain rude!

3. Stylin' clothes for me to wear cuz you know people will stop and stare!

4. A warm cuddly blanket to sooth me at night, I will stop cryin' if you just wrap me tight!

5. Lotin for mommy to smell really swell cuz spit up all over can make you go pale!

I attached the gifts to the appropriate tags and it was pretty darn cute!



Trinette McCrary said...

Super cute, Becki! You are great with words.

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

Pretty darn cute indeed! :) I loved it! You are so creative!