Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too many people...

Logan came home from school last week and the first thing he said as he walked through the door was,
"Mom, we have wayyyyy too many people in our family!"
"Why do you say that Logan?"
"We had to draw a picture of our family and everyone finished super fast and they still had room on their papers and I finished very last and couldn't even fit everyone on without smooshing them all together!"
"Ok Logan then who should we get rid of?"
(Logan rolling his eyes...)
"Mooommmm, no one, I like having a big family."
Then he walked away,

And I smiled too, because I am happy we have a big family!
Jason and I will always be surrounded by our munchkins
and then by their munchkins
(chaos and all!)


Laura said...

I can just picture him rolling his eyes : ) Tell him I like his drawing!

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

I just love Logan! What a little sweetheart. His drawing is very good & he kept everyone proportionate to height with age. :)

The Hoskins said...

So cute that he had to erase dad so that Hailey would fit. What a cute boy!

courtnee said...

Why can't I live by you, I am running a 10k this weekend and I sometimes have had the same feeling my van is blowing a gasket and then it keeps on living-I agree do not want a car payment.

Emily H said...

Way too cute. You need to keep that picture forever.

Tricia Lauritzen said...

I love this post! Don't you just love it when they say something aweome like that!

Hendry Happenings said...

That is such a sweet story. I love it!