Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend...

General Conference weekend usually stresses me out.
*Do I have the conference packets ready?
*Do I have bribery candy ready?
*Do I have coloring pages?
*Do I have snacks?
*Do I, do I , do I, do I???
Well this time we decided to be simple, I had none of the above ready but I did have my hands. We gave each of the kids a 'tickle talk'. We would tickle their backs through a whole talk if they would listen. Can I tell you nothing has ever worked as great as tickle talks? They all listened intently, didn't squirm and didn't fight...
(besdies my hands being completely tired, but it was worth it!)
I got my very own tickle talk from Jason!!
All of the talks were fabulous, one of my favorites was by Elder David A. Bednar about being more diligent and concerned in our homes.
How true and how timely!
You can find the talk HERE.


courtnee said...

Becki what an amazing mom you are always thinking of great ideas and allowing your kids to even cut your hair I simply have a 'cut off' only pretties and combing.

Trinette McCrary said...

Looks relaxing! That sure was a miracle.