Friday, November 13, 2009

New York...part one

Jason and I had a wonderful time in New York, we didn't stop moving for 5 days-
so of course I took a bajillion pictures.
It's going to take me a good week to get all of the pictures posted but here is our first stop... Buffalo, NY.
We were able to visit Jason's sister Rachel, her hubby Doug and their
new and oh-so-adorable son Gavin.
Here's a picture of little Gavin...
what a smile!
As we were heading out to the airport and I was holding him, he puked all over me, from shoulder to foot.
It was quite funny and gave me a little taste of home-
I was missing that baby puke smell!
Jason, Doug and Rachel...

Doug and Rachel were king enough to take us around town and show us some wonderful places!
We were able to see some historical church sites and stopped at the Palmyra temple first.

Here we saw the actual rock wall that the Joseph Smith family built to outline their land.
We were then able to go to the Smith farm.
These were the actual walls in one of the Smiths home and the box is similar to what Joseph Smith would of used to hide the Book of Mormon when being attacked by the mobs.
A room built to replicate exactly what Joseph Smith's room would of looked like.
The place where the angel Moroni appeared to him.
The actual bricks Joseph Smith used to hide the Book of Mormon.

A view of the sacred grove through the Smith house.

And the Sacred Grove.
It was beautiful.
It was here that Joseph Smith's life would change forever!

Jason and I in the Sacred Grove

We then went to see the actual printing place, The Grandin Building, of the Book of Mormon.

On our way out we stopped at the Hill Cumorah .

My cute sister in law!

The next day we went into Canada and saw one of the wonders of the the world...
Niagara Falls
It was so beautiful!
We ate breakfast in the Skylon Tower's space needle that overlooked the Falls.
Stunning view!

That night we went to Duff's restaurant which is famous for their chicken wings!
I wish I would of gotten a picture of the guys faces covered in sauce.
Too funny!
We had a wonderful time and were so excited to visit our family in Buffalo.
We love you Doug, Rachel and Gavin, thank you for


Trinette McCrary said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for taking me on a vacation from home. I felt like I was there with you. Happy you are home and you are so close to Jason being done with school

Sheila said...

Great Photos! Looks like you all had a great time together - Fun to see pics of you all together. Thanks for keeping all the family up on comings and goings.

Laura said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Brought back memories of my site seing trip back there in February - minus the snow of course : )