Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(CHEAP) Christmas gift...

Since Santa has exhausted his allotment of money for the Madsen family by purchasing a trip to Mexico this Christmas, we are not doing big gifts for the kids, instead we are doing stocking stuffers. This is one of my long time favorite gifts that keeps on giving all year long.
Gift certificates.
Each of the kids get 12 certificates and get to redeem one a month.
Some ideas for the gift certificates are:
*20 minute tickle tuck-in
(my kids would do anything to be tickled while being tucked into bed)
*Favorite book
(up to $10)
*Extra 30 minutes of screen time
(they only get 20 minutes during the week, so they love this)
*Late night with a friend, including popcorn and favorite movie rental
*FREE chore day
(I know what will be redeemed first!)
Gotta love cheap but meaningful gifts!
Stay tuned for more ideas!


Pam said...

Becky I think you could make a lot of money if you compiled all of your fabulous ideas into a book and sold it. I am going to share this idea with my friends if that is okay?

RaCHeL said...

Seriously?! Could you be any more creative?! :) I love it!

Hendry Happenings said...

We do these at Halloween and my kids love them. I am so jealous, Mexico sounds nice. Last year we did a trip for Christmas and I am wishing we were doing it again. I do not need any more stuff to fill my already full house!


What a great idea! Think we're going to use it!

John Lercari said...

Great ideas!

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