Monday, January 11, 2010

Airport headaches..

I am not a fan of flying
and it didn't make it any easier having a family of 8 to get on the plane.
I must tell you about our airport experiences.

Jason and I planned out, packed and made sure everything was ready to go. We loaded in the shuttle van and they drove us to Denver because the tickets were cheaper there.
As we are checking everyone in, the lady tells Jason that he needs his actual passport, not the passport card which he thought he could use.
And where is his passport?
Colorado Springs
And how far away is Colorado Springs from Denver?
An hour and 15 minutes
And when does our flight leave?
In an hour and 30 minutes.
As I am hyperventilating thinking that I might have to be on a plane alone with 6 kids and arrive in a foreign country with six kids and find the condo alone with 6 kids
I tell Jason to call our good friend Bryan Black who works in Denver but lives in Colorado Springs and drives that route every day.
Bryan rushes to the house, gets the passport and heads to the airport, doing 107 mph.
Meanwhile I am shaking, the kids are totally upset that their dad might not join us until the next day but we go to the gate anyway.
Everyone at the airport tells me there is no way Jason will make the flight when you consider how long it takes to get to Denver, go through security, catch all of the trains and then make it up to the gate.
As the plane starts boarding, no Jason.
The kids and I are last to get in line to board.
Everyone boards and I purposely drop my purse out so I can buy more time.
As I hand him our tickets..
Carson yells at the top of his lungs..

Poor Jason can't breath because he has just made it to the plane in four minutes and it normally takes 20 minutes at least.
My heart rhythm returns to normal and we board.

We are convinced that Bryan had some angel wings attached to his car because there is no way he could of made it to the airport in such a short time.
Bryan Black , you are my hero!

Some airplane pictures:
Hailey asleep on the seats.

Jason and Carson.

On the way back it was the first day they were implementing new security measures so the planes were all delayed, people were onery, they thought my boots looked suspicious so they had to use the wand and search me, they lost a piece of our luggage and we found out our checking account was trying to be hacked into.
We just tell our kids that the traveling days are NO fun but the fun days make it all worth it.
Here's another picture of the kids around 10 pm waiting for our lost luggage.


Aaron and Melissa said...

I have really enjoyed your Mexico pictures. You catch some of the greatest moments!! Looks like a fabulous vacation!! What a wonderful way to celebrate :)

Emily H said...

Um you never told me about that. That makes me hyperventalate just thinking of you having to be on the plane without Jason!! Love all the pictures.

Sheila Madsen said...

Poor exhausted children and parents! But you are right the travel part is no fun but the vacations are! When Jason shared the passport experience I told him that I'd been praying for the family and that no "home alone" experiences would occur but I was thinking more like a lost child or something not a dad who nearly didn't get to board to start vacation!! What an adventure. You will never forget this one.

The Hoskins said...

Just reading that made Bryan Black my hero too! What a stressful moment!