Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Years Resolutions...

It's that time of year again where goal setting and improving our lives is on our minds.
Each year our family tries to have a theme that we work on together.
This year we have taken our theme,
"Refine Ourselves"
from a fabulous article by Douglas Callister called
"Our Refined Heavenly Home".
Refine means to improve something by making small changes.
In it he talks about making our home a little more like Heaven on earth by:

REfining the way we speak.
In today's world where people have technology wherever they go, some forget to actually converse with each other and converse in a proper way.
Ben Johnson said: "Language most shows a man: Speak, that I may see thee."

REfining what music we listen to.
Jason and I have always tried to have some classical music playing throughout the day, this helps calm our children down, helps us think and makes people happy when they hear it.
Even if my kids say they can't stand it, I often times find them enjoying it.

REfining what books we read.
We hope to read more good, uplifting books.
Each night Jason reads the kids a classic and they love that time with him.
They say look at the books someone has on their night stand and it will tell you what kind of person they are.
For instance Jason loves Amazon where he can find books for super cheap. He loves to read and gain knowledge and always has a book in his hands. He is an amazing entrepreneur which is evident with his books:

One wrote: “We need the slower and more lasting stimulus of solitary reading as a relief from the pressure on eye, ear and nerves of the torrent of information and entertainment pouring from ever-open electronic jaws."

So this year we hope to increase our kids awareness of beauty and true excellence by making small changes to our lives!

Happy Resolutions!

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Sheila Madsen said...

What a great resolution! I too have been thinking how I can fine refinement in my life realizing that over time I've become lax in many of the day to day pleasantries. We are children of God and need to act as such. Thanks for confirming this.