Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Staycation...

Spring Break this year is a 'staycation' due to the fact that we are preparing like mad to put our house on the market next week.
We spend the mornings working and the afternoons playing.
Today's fun was at a park thanks to the beautiful weather!

Savvy my cute gymnast with the coolest snow boots ever!

Hailey was feeling pretty sick so we sat and relaxed together.

Ashley my tree hugger...

to launch rockets
so he and his brothers were thrilled that the weather cooperated!

The launch was a success!

The funnest part for the kids is trying to catch the falling rocket out of the sky...

We sure had fun 'hangin' out didn't we Logan?

Tomorrow on our agenda is to paint doors and baseboards and then some more fun!


Laura said...

Love Savvy's boots!

Sheila Madsen said...

Looks like a perfect spring vacation day. Blue skies and sunshine!! The kids are all getting so big. Oh, time is flying by so fast. I remember hanging from monkey bars when I was Logan's age. Oh, so very long ago.