Thursday, May 6, 2010

In Loving Memory of Old Betsy...2000-2010

Old Betsy, a long-time member of the Madsen Family, finally succumbed to the 'way too old car' syndrome yesterday.

Adopted in 2000 at the age of 1, she quickly became a world traveler, frequenting the 500 mile trek to Utah and often times Arizona. She was honored to be the one who brought 4 of the 6 Madsen kids home from the hospital when they were born, endured years and years of food stains, milk spills, scratches, dents and melted crayons on her carpet,

still kept running.

The later years of Betsy's life were hard as she was frequently admitted into the car shop for broken brakes, transmission problems and flat tires.

Old Betsy loved getting a good wash and vacuum, transporting kids to sports events, spending hours and hours on the road and had a wonderful brake squeak that would turn anyone's head.

Old Betsy was so good to us and she will be missed (only a little) by her loving family.

Rest in Peace dear Old Betsy,
we are looking forward to getting to know your replacement!

Old Betsy in a recent photo of a place she frequented often...


Trinette McCrary said...

Good-By my friend! I caught myself today thinking the person in the blue van might be you and than I remebered.....

Laura said...

RIP Betsy :'(

Josh and Erika Thorne Family said...

At least she lived a rich full life which is all anyone could really ever ask lets see her fancy new replacement!

Sheila Madsen said...

Sorry to hear about Old Betsy's demise but she served you all well. Cute story. I was there for a few of her "ailments" but she managed to get us around to golf lessons, piano lessons, etc. And even got us home from church when it snowed and was extremely icy! She deserves a great big THANKS