Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travel Tip!

I'm sure most of you have figured this travel tip out-
I don't know why it took us 14 years and six kids later to learn how
a cup holder could be!
We had to divide food up for the little kids as we were driving
and had nothing to put it in until I saw the empty cup holders just calling out to me.
They are so handy!
#1-They are free
#2-They have 5 different compartments for fries, ketchup, sandwich, drink, etc.
#3-They are sturdy enough for even a two year old to handle.
#4-The big kids thought they were pretty cool and wanted one of their own.
#4-You just toss them into the trash when they are done!

It was a wonderful trip-
We miss you family and are looking forward to our next visit!

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