Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deep thought for the day-

I had one of these moments this week-
 This is a picture from the book, "The Seven Silly Eaters" 
and yesterday, 
it was me.

It was one of those moments when you can feel the weight of the world pulling you down, 
When you think,"if I have to clean up another poop mess from my used-to-be-potty-trained daughter, I am going to scream!!!!"
When you can't think of anything to cook for dinner and the mere thought of rummaging through the recipe books puts you to sleep-
When you realize you have probably played with your kids for a total of 23 seconds today because your schedule was so packed?
When your heart starts beating so fast that you have to sit down,come out of your house cleaning heart attack and realize-
to do it all-
but I can't do it all-
at least not all at once.

So today, I put my to do list aside, hired a cleaning service for a couple of hours and took my little girls to the book store to read. 
Read with no interruptions.

It was therapy to have that moment with them. 
We need some peace in our lives-even if it is only a few hours!
And what a sigh of relief when I walked into my house and it had been cleaned...
by someone else
Sometimes the check book just has to understand!
It is so important to take time for ourselves and our family-
 the rest just seems to fall into place!

To put the world in order,
we must first put the nation in order; 
to put the nation in order, 
we must put the family in order; 
to put the family in order, 
we must cultivate our personal life; 
and to cultivate our personal life,
we must first set our hearts right.


And today, my heart was right.


Shauna_Rae said...

We LOVE that book! That picture is totally ME everyday.

You need to come to Story Time at East Library on Thursday mornings. My girls have been loving it. They have so many cute stories, puppets and flannel pictures. Then we could play with our cameras IN the library after story time!!!!

Laura said...

Yikes! I'm glad you took some time with the girls and let someone else take care of things for while! I say just put Hailey back in diapers til she's ready to do it again...it will save you a lot of aggrivation : D

Emily H said...

That made me a little teary eyed. I needed that post. Now instead of laundry, cleaning and cooking me and J are going to the park. THANKS!!

Sheila Madsen said...

You are wise beyond your years. I wish I had done more of that when my children were at home. The disihes, laundry, etc. will always be there but your children won't. WAY TO GO GIRL!

Carol Ann said...

You make your mother proud!