Sunday, November 7, 2010


He did it!
After months of calling people, meeting people,
sending letters to people, presenting to organizations, clubs and business groups...
McKay raised $20,000 for his Eagle Project.
He raised the money to buy a solar array system for the Fabindia School in Bali Rajastan, India.
The school's power goes out 5-6 times a day for an hour at a time and when that happened the kids would have to leave school.

So he and Jason flew to India to help install this amazing solar array!

Jason and McKay on the plane ride out...

It was a long 24 hour plane ride and they were so happy to finally arrive!
New Delhi airport, the hands on the wall are a Hindu greeting-

Their first stop was in New Delhi, India where they went sight seeing for a day.
This is the Presidential Palace-

The famous India Gate which is a memorial to all of the Indian soldiers who died in WWI-

Different historical sites-

One of the markets-

Riding in a bike carriage in the city-

When I saw this picture of a Cobra snake (yes it's real)
with its face about 6 inches from McKay, my stomach turned a few times!

Mckay and Jason were able to play a round of golf at the Delhi Golf Club while in New Delhi-

They had professional caddies while playing golf, McKay could get used to that!

While playing golf, Jason and McKay met the promoter for Delhi Fashion week who had them come to the opening night as his VIP guests-

McKay trying to be a model-

After New Delhi, they took a 11 hour train ride into the small city where the solar array was to be installed-
This train was quite the experience!
Small, small rooms-
no food-
Bathrooms that just had a hole in the floor of the train for your stuff to
fall on the tracks.

They said it was good for them to experience the train because it was how most people travel.

I think Jason's eyes say it all!
"How much longer?"

Jason makes friends wherever he goes!

They finally arrived in Bali and stopped to see one of the Hindu Temples-

Isn't this the most amazing detailed architecture?

The school!

They had a pretty special welcoming ceremony for Jason and McKay-
Here is a few minutes of the ceremony-

The Solar Array-

Mckay taking a break, eating the food and liking it!
(at least for the first few days until he started getting sick)

It took about three days to install and one morning on
the way to the school there was a half mile cow
herd that stopped them for a while-

This is the principal of the school-
she was so grateful!

Let there be light!

It works and now powers 4 of the 7 buildings at the school!

McKay learned how to play Cricket while
there and played some games with the students-

William Bissell, the founder of Fabindia Stores and Fabindia Schools graciously allowed Jason and McKay to stay at his farm house.

Jugga Ram Gi was our host at the farm house. Surbhi and Pritha were also guests at the house. They are education consultants.

Isn't this a beautiful farm house?

One of the nights some people wanted to take Jason and McKay on a leopard watching outing-
they would circle this mountain until the spotted it and even had a goat as bait!

Jason said it looks far away but was only about 20 feet from the jeep!


A gigantic fort that overlooks Jodphur-

This trip was eye-opening, life changing and an amazing experience for McKay and Jason.
We want to thank all of you who donated to help make this humanitarian service project possible! It was so wonderful!

On the way home, they made a few stops-

A fun restaurant they went to!

And then the final stop was in Singapore to visit some good friends of Jason-

Raj and Vidya took them on a hike in a forest reserve in Singapore-

They stayed at an amazing hotel-
The Marina Bay Sands that had a super cool infinity pool-

Chili crab and shopping in China Town-

A picture of their hotel-

It was an amazing trip and with a 12 hour time change and a 23 hour flight home, they are still struggling to stay awake during the day!
They had such a great time!


RaCHeL said...

Oh my gosh! I don't even know what to say. Their experience was definitely unforgettable! I can't believe all the things they got to do on top of the project at the school. Fashion week!?! I am so jealous. I've always wanted to go to a designer show. That hotel is amazing! Geez, I could go on & on. I'm glad they had such an amazing trip! I just watched Eat Pray Love & after seeing these pics, I would like to go there one day. :)

Christine said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while now... what an amazing son you have! He is definitely going to go far in life, you must be so proud! And what a awesome adventure for him to have! Thanks for sharing :)

Emily H said...

What an experince! He is an amazing kids raised by some amazing parents!!

Trinette McCrary said...


Laura said...

I bet there are tons more pics that you don't even have time to post. I'm so proud of my oldest nephew and my big bro for taking on this wonderful project, it brings a tear to my eye : )

Josh and Erika Thorne Family said...

How incredible! I hope to do some type of humanitarian excursion with each of my kids as they turn 14. I think it is so valuable to their development as compassionate human beings in life and to see how truly fortunate they really are and experience the gift of serving others in this world. Thanks for sharing this, good job McKay!