Friday, December 17, 2010

Logan's performance-

Logan was asked to play the prelude music as people walked into his 2nd grade music performance.
He was so nervous but played wonderfully.
You can see in this video people start gathering around, by the end of his song he had a huge crowd and you could hear people saying, "He rocks, he is a professional, he is the man, can you hear him, how long has he been taking piano, etc." It made him smile.
This is the first of many performances, this kid loves the piano and hopes to play for large audiences some day!
Way to go Logan!

Some pictures of him playing-

His music teacher had him stand up for a round of applause-

And one of the songs from his 2nd grade performance-
Way to go Logan... the next Billy Joel!


Laura said...

Nice job Logs! You are the Man!

RaCHeL said...

I am very impressed! You did a wonderful job Logan. Can't wait to have you play for me soon.

Sheila Madsen said...

Logan, you did a wonderful job. A performance well done!!! Can't wait for you to play it for all of us (GG Faye, etc.) when you come over.