Sunday, February 6, 2011

Salon de Savvy-

So I came home the other night and found this...

Savannah said her hair was itching her and she wanted to cut it off.

 And cut it off she did-

As Aunt Jenni said, she looks like a 'Savvy Raye Cyrus'.
The mullet look-
She cut off one of Hailey's pony tails but her's doesn't look that noticeable.
We had to take Savvy to a salon where there is a hair dresser who is an expert in saving kids
hair from bad kid cuts.
I must say it looks SO much better! 
Savvy cut her hair all the way to the scalp on one side and the sweet hairdresser was able
to miraculously hide it.

She looks pretty darn cute but she doesn't like her hair at all
and keeps saying that she will NEVER EVER cut her or Hailey's hair again.
She will just cut paper.
Sounds like a plan cute Savvy!

We love you Savvy! Even if you do chop your and your little sisters hair off!


Paige said...

My oldest daughter has had haircuts by both of her big brothers. But the worst was the self-administered one. She SHAVED the side off in layered steps! Bad deal!

Trinette McCrary said...

Oh, Becki! I'm sure your stomach just sunk when you saw the hair on the floor. Oh and it has taken Savvy sooo long for her to grow. I would have to say the hair style is just darling on her.

twin said...

I remember when...her Aunt Laura took scissors to her hair on a Saturday night when her parents were out. They found the shorn locks on Sunday morning. Luckily a sister in the ward was a hairdresser and worked her magic.
Ask Sheila to send you a photo of Laura's hair on that fateful weekend. Tell Savvy that she is beautiful . Always!


Her new hair looks adorable! Not fun getting there though. Krystal did that at about the same age. I cried more then she did.

Priscilla said...

My 2 younger girls (I have four kids) did something similar. Kiki wanted me to take off her pony tails off one day. It was the first day of spring after a long cold winter...and I wanted her to look cute. Nope..she got a pair of kids scissors and tried to cut off the elastic...she cut her ponytails OFF...

Then my youngest, Jesykah one day came up to me and asked me a question...she looked different to me...I kept looking at her and I figured out her eye lashes on one of her eyes were GONE! I asked her "Jesy hun...what happend to your eyelashes?" she said "Well, this eye is a girl eye and this eye is a boy eye and he needed a hair cut so I cut my boy eye hair off!" ...yup.... Love your blog by the way...just found it today thanks to Pinterest!