Monday, March 21, 2011

Very belated birthday pictures...

I always take my kiddos birthday pictures but these two have
December birthdays so they always get them taken late. But lo and behold, 
we did it this weekend and I must say they are pretty darn cute if I say so myself.



Mark this moment in history-
they are actually hugging and not trying to hurt each other!!!

Oh wait... I guess it was too good to be true!

Mom-no more pictures plllleeeaaasssseeeee!


RaCHeL said...

Wow! They all look so good. Logan sure is one handsome guy. And is that really Ash?! :) she looks so grown up. She looks a lot like her momma! Very pretty.

colleen said...

What beautiful children! And they really are good to let you take pictures. Especially, the boys. My boys hated pictures with a passion. Still do!

Sheila Madsen said...

Great pictures - my they are getting so grown up. Ashley is a beautiful young woman and Logan is a handsome eight year old but he kind of looks like a teenager leaning against that car- only 8 more years and he really will be driving and and doing the James Dean lean! Great shots, Becki!

Trinette McCrary said...

Oh so beautiful pictures of your oh so beautiful kiddos! Love!!

Emily H said...

Awesome photographer + beautiful kids= amazing pictures!

Cheeky Kitchen said...

Okay, how did I miss this post? These pics are STUN.NING Becki! Just absolutely gorgeous! LOVE THEM!