Monday, May 16, 2011

Track meet and weekend updates-

 We started the weekend off with a track meet for Carson. He had to qualify to 
attend this whole district track meet.
He participated in the triple high jump, the 200m and the 500m relay. He took 2nd in his first 200m
race and placed 5th overall (there was about 86 people in his race so 5th is pretty awesome)
He is so fast-we are looking forward to many more track meets with him! 
Good job Carson!
The rest of the weekend was spent
organizing our house,
attending Logan's last soccer game,
visiting with friends,
trying to catch up on sleep,
running 8 miles outside in the freezing cold
(I didn't care it was cold, running outside is so peaceful-I LOVE IT!)
 It was yet again, a wonderful weekend!

I had terrible seats to Carson's track meet and was battling with the two little girls the whole time, so I 
wasn't able to get the best pictures.

The meet went way longer than expected so we were there for 6 hours.
When we left, they still had 2 hours until they were finished!
The little girls were troopers and sat still for a lot of it 
but we had to get up and run a few times. Here they were trying to run their own race!

Carson's 200m


RaCHeL said...

6 hours!?! My oh my what a long meet. I love the pics you did get. Way to go Carson! He sure is lookin good, but man does that boy need a haircut!? ;) XOXO

Laura said...

Nice job Carson! PS I think your hair is fine : D

Sheila Madsen said...

Carson - you were one busy boy for a Saturday! It is awesome that you are doing so well in track. Great job!!! You are really fast.