Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alas, school is in session...

Nails and toenails were painted...

One last hurrah at City Rock...

And then it was school....
McKay is in high school and totally into football and of course, girls.

Hailey is in preschool, Ashley-7th, Carson-6th,
Savvy-Kindergareten and Logan-3rd grade.
Oh where has the time gone???

The little girls were upset that they were going to be separated all day
which meant no play time until Savvy comes home. So I got heart necklaces, or 'best sister' necklaces as hailey calls them. They were thrilled and said whenever we are sad we will look at our 
necklaces and be happy.
So so sweet-

Our little Kindergartener!!!

She was so excited to go to school!

And we are thrilled she is in the same class as her best friend Avery-

Poor Hailey was so upset, she doesn't start preschool until mid-September so when 
I told her she had to wait and her sister wouldn't be home for 
a while, she spent a good part of the morning sobbing.

The best part of the day?
"When dad came to school and ate lunch with me" Savvy said.
Jason has gone to everyone of our
kids first days of kindergarten to eat lunch with them.
It is pretty special!
 I miss my kids and it's back to the busy routine of school days!


Laura said...

I didn't know Jas did that...that's really cool! Good luck with school childrens!

Shauna_Rae said...

I sure miss seeing your kids each week. I can't believe how Savy's hair has grown. I'm sure Carson has some cool invention that I need to drop by and see. AND then little Bach Logan probably has mastered yet another piece. AND YOU Becki, I miss our little chats!!!!

RaCHeL said...

I can't believe another school year has started. And McKay is in high school!!! And Savvy in kindygarden ;) I love that Jas has always gone to eat lunch with the kids. That's a fun tradition. Love you all!

Sheila Madsen said...

As a child and teenager I always eagerly anticipated the first day of school - back to seeing old friends, making new ones and oh, the FUN of learning! And of course, it was always fun to see which teachers I got (favorites and not so favorites). Hope all the kids had a great first day back to school! Thanks for posting the back to school pic. My how they are all growing!

Valeri said...

That's a sweet tradition your husband does with the kiddos each year.