Friday, August 5, 2011

Desperate sand fun...

My little girls love to play with sand, especially at the store where they conveniently
display their $20.00 boxes of sand fun right at the check out so when moms go
to pay and the kids ask to buy the sand fun and the mom says no and the
kid starts to scream and then the mom just buys it because they are desperate for them to be quiet.
Yes I am speaking from experience but instead of buying
it I told the girls we would make our

and $2.00 later, we have our homemade sand fun-
I know it's not as pretty as theirs but my girls played with it for hours.
I borrowed the sand from our
backyard, purchased some dollar toys and WHALA..
They end up throwing all the sand out anyway so instead of begrudging the
wasted $20.00 I was ok with them throwing the sand out of their homemade sand fun
when it only cost $2.00!

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colleen said...

Necessity is the mother of invention - the necessity of saving $ , sanity and avoiding a temper tantrum. - GOOD THINKING BECKI