Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween Costumes!
Ashley was a lovely M&M gal...

Hailey was an adorable Fairy...

Savvy was a beautiful Belle!

Carson just painted his face white and left, Logan lost his costume we bought him 
(how he did that I will never know)
so he painted his face white and McKay hung out with his friends.
None of them would let me get pictures.
Logan went to a house with two candy boxes, one of them had little pieces of candy
 and a sign that said, 'wimps take from this box' and the other had a sign that said, 'Only if you dare can you have the BIG candy bars', the only catch? There was a tarantula climbing all over the big candy.
And of course Logan did it!

Our little creative angel made a fun Halloween display for our front door, she just loves Halloween!
Now it's onto Thanksgiving!


Emily H said...

Your girls are all beauties!!

Laura said...

Such pretty girls!

Julie said...

Cute photos! I especially love how spunky Hailey looks in hers. Too cute.

Sheila Madsen said...

Boys like the goodies but don't like dressing up but we girls always enjoy the dress-up game. The girls all look so cute.