Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Priceless artwork...

I can't get enough of my little girls artwork.
Is it because my older four kids never draw me anything anymore?
Is it because I know someday, even these little girls will stop drawing me pictures?

I keep almost every piece of artwork they create, just like I kept my older kids. I store them in folders and we periodically look at them and smile.

This one has to be documented, because for the longest, longest time Hailey refused to draw people.
She would kick and scream and say that she can't draw people, that it looks bad, that it's not as good as Savvy's.
Well, she overcame her fear and this is the first picture she 
drew of her mama....
And another melt my heart drawing...
Savvy's picture of our huge family coming to dinner

I love these girls,
they laugh
they play 
they create
they love...
they are priceless!


Emily H said...

Too stinkin cute

Laura said...

Love the drawings and their cute fluffy skirts!