Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our farewell to Colorado...

Our move to Atlanta happened so quickly, it was hard to say goodbye to all of the amazing people we had met over the years.
 It was bittersweet to see our house packed up....

And hilarious to see what crap had accumulated under our office furniture that hadn't been moved in 8 years!

Although there were many people we didn't get to say goodbye to, we were able to see a few people before we left for our adventure!

This is our Yoga teacher Morgan. The most amazing Yoga instructor ever.
We went to her hot yoga Sunday class faithfully and always felt renewed, happy and energetic after.
 We still haven't found a replacement Yoga and my joints are not happy!

Hailey had the sweetest Preschool teachers ever. They were so sad to see her go!

Little Savvy was in tears on her last day of gymnastics. She has been there for 3 years, had the most amazing coaches and learned so much. 
Some of the parents were even crying, it was so sweet and so sad.

Our favorite neighbors ever!

Craig's typical pose for my pictures, we love you Craig!

Seriously, these two ladies are the best...
lunches, dinners, bday celebrations, trips, we did it all!!
Love ya Suzanne and Amy!

Bestest buddies...

Debi, my dear friend-
I met sweet Debi at the YMCA where we started working out together about 8 years ago. We then moved over to Lifetime and continued our workouts. She has given me such great advice, supported me through hard times and told me when my gym shorts were inside out (yes we always worked out at 4:30am so can you blame me?)Debi rocks, is twenty years older than me and is one of my best friends.

We tried to see some of our other great friends and neighbors but the timing just didn't work. 
We had to stop by our very first house we purchased in Colorado....
 It used to be light gray and in much better condition- it was sure fun to see! This is where we met our other favorite neighbors the Whittens.

One of our favorite places to see in Colorado Springs was Garden of the Gods. 
SO beautiful.
We paid one last visit there and had to capture a picture.

Now a farewell to our home...
You have been good to us!
We loved Colorado and will miss it so much!


colleen said...

Moving is never easy but take it from someone who knows from having moved about 20 times in as many years that you'll make more friends and have wonderful experiences. Wishing you the best of times in your new home !

RaCHeL said...

It's SO hard to say goodbye. I know the feeling. :( But everything happens for a reason & this move will bring much happiness. Love you! I cannot believe how much was under your desk!! Holy cow! :)