Friday, June 1, 2012

Anti-bus girl

When we lived in Colorado, I drove my kids to and from school every day-thus I was always in the car.
When we moved to Atlanta every child takes the bus and can I say it is simply AMAZING! The bus stop is literally right by my home so I just have to walk out the front door to greet my babies.

The first day of school was tough.
Tears, nerves, anger, you name it!
I was especially worried about Savvy who is so sensitive and hates change. I dropped her off at her class and she cried and cried and cried and I told her she didn't have to ride the bus home yet. I showed up after school to pick her up and she gave me this weird look and said, 'Mom, why are you here? I am a bus rider!' YAYYYY!
Her teachers were amazing and made her first day so wonderful. I had to rush home and take a picture of her getting off because she said earlier she would never ride the bus!
Thank goodness for amazing teachers who make life just a bit easier for us parents.

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Emily H said...

Love that little girl of yours!