Saturday, December 29, 2012

Breakfast with Santa!

We are still alive! This Christmas came faster than expected and I am so far behind!
My goal this week is to get all caught up so wish me luck.

We have a very large family and rarely get to go places together. Either the older kids don't want to go or the younger kids are too small.
We decided to divide and conquer and take them all on different dates this Christmas break. The first one was breakfast with Santa for the little girls.
 I love this picture of Savvy, she just saw Santa!

They had crafts, music, delicious food, etc...

I wish I could of recorded the conversation they had with Santa.
Hailey, "How does Rudolph fly?"
Santa, "Magic"
Hailey, "Is he really real?"
Santa (now looking at me with the 'what do I say' look) and Savvy chimes in with, "Hailey of course he is real, mom and dad couldn't buy all of those presents and deliver them! Rudolph does!"

Oh the sweet innocence of little kids-
We will enjoy it while it lasts!

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Emily H said...

What a cute idea!