Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Yoga Challenge...

I went to Yoga today. 
I LOVE Yoga, 
I am a wanna be pretzel twisting yogee and feel happy and refreshsed after each class.
Our instructor always gives us a challenge at the end of class..
'smile at someone new today'
'sing a song in the shower'
Today she said, "Just for 5 minutes do something you have wanted to
 do for awhile but haven't taken the time to do."
That for me is to take pictures of nature and even though it was raining all day I took my 5 minutes and snapped away. And although they aren't masterpieces, I separated myself from the insanity of daily life to do something I love and to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

So I challenge you today or tomorrow or every day for just 5 minutes to do something you have wanted to do that you haven't taken the time to do.



Sheila Madsen said...

I like these a lot. Nice job. And it is always theraputic to do something one loves to do. Hope you had a great day.

Jen Osoro said...

Such pretty pics!