Monday, March 18, 2013

Carson the smartie pants wrestling dude...

My dear Carson... 
He is our boy who has a backpack filled with months and months of old homework no longer needed
because to him cleaning it out would take time away from creating and building things.
He knows things
 about things 
that I didn't even know were things.
It's awesome.

Take for instance this creation,
he made it just because he wanted to see if it would work.
It's a machine that draws things.

Or this keyboard he made with a rubber glove and tinfoil...

He also wrestles because we make him 
but again it takes time away from him creating.
 It is good for him and it makes him happy to do well. 
He took 5th place in state this year.
So proud of him!

He and his friends make tree houses on the weekends and he wants to own a 3D printer
but they are pretty expensive
so he is going to launch a blog, put all of his inventions on it and see if he can raise money to purchase one.
This kid is awesome.


Shauna Thompson said...

LOVE Carson! I miss seeing his creations and hear his little explanations. Tell him I said that he is AWESOME!

Sheila Madsen said...

I love the way Carson's mind works - he sure is inventive and creative! And what a good wrestling year, Congratulations!

Emily H said...

What an amazing kid!! I will donate to his fund!

Laura said...

Wow his is amazing! Tell him I love him!