Thursday, May 30, 2013

A mother spoiled on Mother's day

Best Mother's Day EVER.
I woke up with breakfast in bed made by Savvy and Hailey.
Savannah knows I love salads with lemon juice and olive oil and she surprised me with a salad, toast, yogurt and freshly made coffee. 
Those girls are such angels.
The second breakfast I got was amazing made by my other angel kids. 
So sweetly planned out with fruit salad, breakfast cake, juice, etc. (Jason had them all plan it out the night before with who was doing what, who was cleaning, cooking, etc. It was so special!)
I was spoiled with cards, letters, gift certificates and hugs.

 My kids and hubby totally rock.

I always want a picture every Mother's day
so here are our attempts (my family hates pictures)

My favorite...
Boy do I love these people.
And for fabulous dinner....
McKay made 
Chicken Piccata,
it was DIVINE!


Jam Hsu said...

Happiness! Smile,smile ,,,, Good!

colleen said...

I think that you are one loved mommy! And why not you are awesome.