Saturday, March 1, 2014

Snow in Atlanta...

I'm sure you've all heard the chaos Atlanta experienced last month with
2 inches of snow and extreme ice and sleet. The whole city was shut down.
We came from Colorado so it seemed the storm was nothing until I learned that there are only 50 snow trucks for 6 million people so then I wasn't surprised by all the chaos. The roads were horrific, no one has 4W Drive and everyone works in the city.
It took Jason 5 1/2 hours to get home (usually a 20 minutes commute) 
School was shut down for days and days and we were stuck indoors.

My kids had a blast.
They never thought they would get to build a 'Colorado worthy' snowman!

 We only lost one tree with all the snow.

Our girls don't think pants are necessary to play in the snow either.

Jason and I took lots of walks.
Being stuck indoors with 6 kids can make you a little crazy!

We were so grateful that no one was hurt 
and now we are so ready for the warmth to return!

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Sheila Madsen said...

What a fun, wintery winter! At least the little girls look like they were having fun, anyway. Too bad about the tree. Love the pic of you and Jason.