Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Days...

This summer was crazy for us especially the last of it and I realized I did not post some of the fun things we did. So here are some of our summer day memories I was unable to post until now.Aunt Laura came to visit us! Here they are awaiting a very competing game of "mother, may I".
Our big craft project was teaching the kids to make their own pajama bottoms. It was hard but super fun. Here they are showing off their creations.
Uncle Doug and Aunt Rachel came to visit us on their way to New York. Here we are on a hike in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon.
Mckay is a "chef in the making". If he wants to eat something, he will make it. He loves Panda Express orange chicken and printed a copycat recipe from the internet and made it! It was soooo good, a little better than the real thing! Good job McKay!
Here's my hubby, a true kid at heart. He had fun experimenting with the kids "Surf and Slide" and only fell into the water once! He's so darn cute.


RaCHeL & dOUg said...

What fun! I sure do love summers!

Muriel said...

I'm laughing only because my husband wanted to try out our kids' this summer but because we just got a cheap one he decided not to. Next year he says he is going to make is own with heavy duty tarp material (not to give Jason any ideas).

Granny Madsen said...

What a fun summer - full of excitement and fun every minute. Thanks for sharing.