Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunch laughs...

Tuesday I decided to surprise Logan at school and play with him at recess and eat lunch with him. I walked into his classroom and it was all quiet until Logan yells, "What, hey, hey guys, its MOMMMMMM! Hey Mrs. Leuberrs, it's my mom, oh my mommy, hey Brindon, look who it is, my MOM!" And there he was, clinging to my side and holding my hand never to depart. He showed me all the girls he likes, I mean the girls he plays with, cuz mom, "I don't like girls!" It was so much fun and I felt so loved.

Then onto my middle school child. It was parents day at his school Friday, so I again decided to eat lunch, this time with McKay and this time getting approval because he is entering the "parents are so yesterday" stage. He said he didn't mind if I came, so off to his school I went. When I arrived and went into his class, he said, "Oh, you came mom." Ummmm, yes my dear! So lunch bell rings and off we go to lunch, my sweet McKay and I, wait, where is McKay? Running to the lunch room and leaving his mama wayyyy behind. "I'll save you a seat!" He says. So we sit and enjoy a lunch about a nano second long before he says, "So, are you going to stay or can I go play with my friends?" You may go my pre teen, mom loves you and off he goes and off I go, until I hear, "Hey mom, thanks for coming," complete with a 'half' hug from my sweet McKay. It too was so much fun especially to see him in the middle school setting and know that he still loves his mama (just a little more quietly)!

Oh, how time flies and children grow! Always remember, "Childhood is a short season." and "Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons." (author unknown)


RaCHeL & dOUg said...

That is great! Isn't it funny how different we act at all ages. You are very loved by all of your children. You're a great mom & a good sport!

Granny Madsen said...

I could just see each moment as you described these precisous moments with two of your children. It really touched my heart ...I guess I'm getting way to emotional in my old age but I can't help myself. (can't turn off the water works ). Thanks for sharing this sweetness.