Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine memories...

This is a picture of our first Valentines day together.
We went to an Institute dance I was in charge of at SLCC college.
I laugh every time I see this picture because
we look like we are 12 years old
it looks as if I took curtains and made myself a dress, UGGHHH!
It sure is fun to look back at our pre-marriage life and see how far we have come!
Love you Jas!


Aaron and Melissa said...

I love looking at old pictures... the hair, the clothes! You guys look so young! Happy (early) Valentine's Day!!

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

I remember this picture! I thought you guys were so old at the time. Ha Ha! You do look very young. What do you mean you don't like your dress?! It's fabulous! :)

Trinette McCrary said...

WOW! I guess that's all have to say to the hot looking couple.

Lyndsay said...

Amazing how YOU can make a flowery curtain look so beautiful! No surprise at all!