Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tender mercies...

Life is short, childhood passes quickly. Just yesterday I came across a friend of mine who lost her 3 year old daughter in a car accident and I thought how precious life is and how short our time is with our children. They will be gone and on their own in no time and suddenly my endless list of chores and tasks didn't seem all that important. Usually I rush Savannah to her nap and then run like a mad women getting things done, but today I lay next to Savannah and tickled her face until she fell into dream land and I was so thankful for that moment because they are too few. I hope to make them more common occurrences because my children won't remember if they had a clean house today but they will remember how I made them feel.

To My Child
(author unknown)
Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry,
and pick you up and take you to the park to play.
Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink,
and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together.
Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off,
and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles.
Just for this afternoon, I won't worry about what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned.
Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies,
and I won't stand over you trying to fix them.
Just for this evening, I will hold you in my arms and tell you a story about how you were born and how much I love you.
Just for this evening, I will let you splash in the tub and not get angry.
Just for this evening, I will let you stay up late while we sit on the porch and count all the stars.
Just for this evening when I run my finger through your hair as you pray, I will simply be grateful that God has given me the greatest gift ever given.
I will think about the mothers and fathers who are searching for their missing children, the mothers and fathers who are visiting their children's graves instead of their bedrooms, and mothers and fathers who are in hospital rooms watching their children suffer senselessly, and screaming inside that they can't handle it anymore.
And when I kiss you good night I will hold you a little tighter, a little longer. It is then, that I will thank God for you, and ask him for nothing, except one more day...........


Tawni said...

Beautiful post Becki and so true. Your kiddos are so adorable!!!


Trinette McCrary said...

Sweet and tender. Thank you for sharing.

Shauna_Rae said...

Thanks for the reminder! I get so busy cleanin, cooking... that the time with my kiddos isn't near enough.

Emily H said...

That brought a tear to my eye. It makes me want to leave work and go play with my kids.

Sheila Madsen said...

Today was the first time I've had to catch up on my blog reading so sI know this is way past but thanks for posting the beautiful message. Just the other day I thought how quickly the time has flown by and my babies are all grown up and having babies of their own. Each moment is precious and we have to remember that. If I had it all to do over again, I would take lots more time just to enjoy my children during each stage of their life. Thanks!

Anna See said...

As one of those moms who has to visit her 12 year old son's grave, that lovely poem really touched me. so grateful for the many times we shared, just enjoying life and each other, but wish there were more.