Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Martha moment and Easter fun!

Yes, I had a Martha Stewart moment, I decided to sew my girls Easter skirts. I haven't sewn in over a year so I had the itch to do something. Projects always take longer than I anticipate but I was happy I did it because my girls were so excited to wear them to church and say, "My mom made this for me!"
Savannah adores her big brother McKay and can't stand when he is gone. He went on a camp out with the Boy Scouts this weekend and the entire time he was gone, she kept asking when he was coming back. It is so cute!
The kids looking marvelous for Easter Sunday!
Our cute girls...
Our dashing boys...
The kids Easter eggs!

Hailey crawling all over as the kids design their egg creations!


Michelle said...

All of your kids looked so cute today (as usual).
I love the skirts. You did a great job.

Josh and Erika Thorne Family said...

Too cute, what a talented lady you are!
I would love an invite to your blog! I think I will go private as well, there are some sicko's out there!!
My email is..

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

So adorable! I'm majorly impressed that all three skirts in all three sizes look the same, just smaller and smaller.

Such talent, you wonder mom. Thanks for posting!

Hope your Easter was WONDERFUL!

Sheila Madsen said...

One, two, three little darling. Good job, I don't know how you find the time or energy to do all you do. Are you sure you're not Wonderwoman in cognito?
Pretty girls and handsome boys and best of all they are good girls and boys. Like the eggs - very clever and creative.

Lyndsay said...

Is there anything you can't do? You are so talented in so many ways- what a great mom you are!

courtnee said...

Cute! Way to go. I have had a similar itch but I think I will stick with blankies I am not a seamtress. Do yuou have my e-mail? so I can continue to blog with you.