Monday, August 31, 2009

The best household investment...

As you can tell, I am on a super cleaning spree
so while it is on my mind I am going to introduce our greatest investment...
Our carpet cleaner.
Why is it our favorite investment you ask?
With 8 people (plus friends, neighbors and the occasional scooter) trampling all over the carpet all day long, this is what our carpet ends up looking like. And this is only 2 months after I last steam cleaned it.


I know, gross.
This is the water from the steam cleaner, I promise I am constantly cleaning but for some reason our carpets like to hold onto dirt and it doesn't help that it is light carpet!

See why we call it our favorite investment?
Our carpet, as good as new...
And ready for the armies to come stomping away!
I do love modern technologies-although having all hardwood floors like the olden days would sure be nice!


The Hoskins said...

I LOVE my steam cleaner. Trust me, all hardwood is not all it's cracked up to be. Constant dirt/sand all over and you never want to have bare feet. Also, who wants to mop the WHOLE house? Not me, I'm so glad we just moved. I love my carpet now! Your cleaner did a great job, just look at that sparkle!

Sheila Madsen said...

I know - it is always amazing how much "muddy looking water" comes out of a steamer. The freshly done carpet looks great! (the swirling dirty water pic looks rather artistic though)