Friday, August 28, 2009

Mom's ransom rubbage...

UPDATE!! I have started a new blog HERE.
It will have all sorts of ideas about families, friends, organizing, etc.
so you don't have to be bombarded with all of my personal family stuff-ENJOY! 

Gee, here is mom picking up the kids stuff for the gazillionth time...

Wait, what's this? I think mom has an idea...

It's called the ransom rubbage box.
If you leave your belongings out after one warning, mom takes it and puts it inside this box and you can't get it back until you draw a job from the envelope and do it!

Oh my, whats this? It looks as if Carson has failed to put his backpack away, well Carson, why don't you be the first to try out mom's ransom rubbage box!

He draws carefully and what does he get?

He's lucky, he got off pretty easy.

It sure is fun to watch!

I must admit it is working so far!
Here is part of the list for you to see how fun some of them are! For the complete list you can purchase
Clean out van
Clean out pantry
Pull weeds in back yard for 10 minutes
Pull weeds in front yard for 10 minutes
Rub dad’s feet for 10 minutes and do, ‘this little piggy’ to him.
Clean a sibling’s room
Wipe down kitchen bathroom toilet
Clean a bathroom mirror while singing any song.
Clean out silverware drawer
Wipe down outside of fridge and have a treat afterwards.
You are free but this is a WARNING!
Vacuum garage floor mats
Scrub upstairs bathtub
Give mom and dad a hug and say, “I will never leave my stuff out again.”


Josh and Erika Thorne Family said...

BRILLIANT!!!! I am sooooo doing this! Thanks

Pam said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful way to be a better parent!

Julie said...

Such a good idea!

Sheila Madsen said...

Greart idea! With 6 children they really do need to keep track of their own belongings and ease your burdens. Good luck!

Cheeky Kitchen said...

Adorable! And soo clever, Becki. You amaze.

Unknown said...

I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing;o) I am going to send this over to all of my friends. You are the greatest!!!

Granny Annie said...

You make a mother proud! Your children were also born of goodly parents!

Emily H said...

Haha. I am so doing this. I wonder who will be the first to have to earn something back, the boys or Creed.

Sarah said...

Such a great idea! I have 5yr old twins as well as a 3yr old so we are definitely trying this. I will have to change up some things on the list, but I'm thinking this might work.

- Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl said...

I love this idea! Mom's rummage box. I think I might just have to start this tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

Chris said...

Love this idea but what if there are things they don't want to get out of the box? I know my 13 year old daughter will test it and say, "I don't want that anymore." or "I don't really need that." I can foresee boxes of stuff sitting for months because she is too lazy to want to do anything about it????!!!???

Kate said...

I love this idea!! Found it on Pinterest and will be trying this very soon!! THanks!!

AverageAndi said...

I love that the tasks aren't all chores! Some are silly, some "inspire" the kids to show appreciation to their family, and some are meant to help them keep active. It's brilliant.

Taca said...

You seem to be my kind of mom!
Thank you for your blog!

Michelle {Fun On A Dime} said...

Found you on Pinterest and I have to say, I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Janell said...

Saw this on pinterest :)

My Mom did something like this when I was a kid, except it was a black bag in the coat closet and if we didn't earn the item back within a month it went to Good Will.

Briana said...

Wow! This looks like a really fun idea, and seems to take the stress away. Thanks for posting this. I'm excited to try it out.

Elle The Heiress said...


April G. said...

Saw this on Pintrest...I don't have children but I want to try something like this at school (I am a teacher). I just need to think of things around the room that the students can do. Love love love it!! I'm also going to send this to my friends who are parents! Thanks for sharing.

Natasha said...

This is so totally brilliant! Love it!!

Lisa Henderson said...

This is such a great idea! My kids will not be very happy but Mommy will be! We are going to be featuring it at Over the Big Moon tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa @

ROBIN said...

Came over from a link in Pinterest... great idea! :)

Allison Jordan said...

Wonderful idea! Absolutely doing this! (Found on Pinterest!) :D

Candy said...

Great idea! My kids are a little small for some of your but I love the humor and will definitely be giving this a try! Thanks -

Crystal said...

love this! I'm printing ASAP so I can create the box before the backpacks get left on the floor this afternoon!
thank you!!

Anthea said...

LOVE this. I will most certainly giving this a go. :D

Love your list of things to do to....pure brilliance!

Anonymous said...

I am delighted!

Margie said...

Found this on Pinterest and have posted to my FB wall. Might be my favorite internet resource EVER. Love!

The Allen Family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Just found it thru Pinterest. Especially after yesterday. Told my oldest two to put away their backpacks and jackets probably 6 times and it still didn't happen. UGH! I'm so starting this today! Thank you!!

Vindiciti said...

Love this idea! Found this on Pinterest. We are definitely trying this with a time limit to get it out or it goes to Goodwill. Thanks!

(Just wish I could read what the papers on top of the box said. Guess I'll improvise!)

SEW RED HOT said...

me from pinterest too! i love how these arent punishments, cool idea

Gayathri said...

sweet and am loving this :)

When did I become my Mom said...

Loooove this! Completely a win. Have got to share!!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

i liked watch the baby one for 10 mins...

being a sahm to 5 with some younger ones...i'd kill for 10 mins to myself haha

LDNGuineaPig said...

Great idea! I love it and will certainly implement this when my toddler is a little older. To the person who wondered what to do if the child doesn't want the idem back...donate it to charity. If they decide they want it back a few days later, they'll learn a good lesson and won't likely reply with that answer again.

Mom of Five said...

Found this on Pinterest, fabulous! I have five kids ages 4-14, so this would be perfect!!

For the kids who say they don't want the item anymore, donate it.

If it's their backpack/binder/schoolwork they say they don't want, our rule is going to be 'anything school related in the box gets out by Sunday afternoon, regardless of whether you want it or not. Task will be performed as a reminder not to leave your stuff out.'

I also like the monthly trip to goodwill for any unclaimed items.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

This is hilarious!! I love these. I think it's great that you put some humor into it! Pinning this for sure.

Unknown said...

Found this on pinterest. Thanks for sharing your great idea!!


Kelli said...

Found this on Pintrest. It's FANTASTIC. I will be doing this for sure. Thanks!


lyle said...

Nice idea-- I like the variety in the list.

For those who are thinking of donating any unclaimed items (toys specifically), call the charity and ask if they can use the donation. Our local Goodwill TRASHES all used toys they recieve. A lot of charities do after the implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). I think I'll leave our unwanted toys at the park with a "Free" sign. Hopefully, some one will want them.

Suzy Bos said...

Hi, may I have your permission to share the link to this blog post for the Ransom Box idea on my blog? I write a devotional blog for mothers and I would love to use this example for my next post about maintaining peace in the home by having children pitch in to help keep things neat and tidy. Thanks, LOVE this idea! It is simply brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

This is an AMAZING idea. As Liz Lemon would say, "High fiving a million angels."

Debi Clark said...

fantastic! I've already copy/pasted and adjusted for my family. Thank you tons!

Saw you on pinterest!

Venassa said...

I love this idea! My daughter's only three months but I'm not going to forget this!

Jody Sanders said...

I have a similar thing ... but ours is the "Boat Bucket" the bucket of abandoned things and each item costs $.25 to retrieve. A pair of shoes then costs $.50. Sadly for the kids, schoolwork and library books must be retrieved first, so if you want something else you pay for your schoolwork first. The regulations are taped to the bucket. I think I'm going to switch the cost to tasks, we're in need of a little change-up. Thanks for the great idea!

Karen and Gerard said...

This is a good idea! Will share this on Twitter and Facebook!

Jaunel said...

Pretty much can't stop laughing! I LOVE this idea!

Stacey said...

This idea is BRILLIANT. So much so that I would be very interested in having you on my radio show... can you please email me at to answer some preliminary questions for me??

The Lazy Mom

Vickie and Chris said...

What a wonderful idea. Found on Pinterest. Wish I had found it 30 years ago when my kids were growing up. Will have to show parents of grandkids. Good luck with your family

Kay said...

You are brilliant, and I thought your posting was quite whitty ;-) I can't wait to implement this, seriously. Thank you for sharing!!

Triny Kay said...

I am using your idea! i only have 2 rugrats but with the mess they make it seems like 10 sometimes =0 plus, this will help me out with cleaning and chores around the house =) love it!!!

cilla407 said...

LOVE IT!!! I have 5 under the age of 10 and so doing this!! Thank you!

NeverAlone said...

Great idea that I wish I'd found way long ago...seen the type where they had to buy it back with money (which my son never seems to have)...I just wonder how big a box I'll need to contain all the stuff I find! The garage just might have to suffice.

~cjoy said...

Awesome. . . no other words for it. ;)

Jenn said...

looks like you've heard it a few hundred times already but this is brilliant and I will be doing this soon. Thank you

Wendy said...

Love this! And love your list!

Heather said...

I am going to do it this week. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

AbbyMaddyDesigns said...

Hysterical and fabulous! Love it!!

The Richins Family said...

thank you for posting this. i am starting this tonight with my daughter who doesn't believe me when i say clean up your room with one warning. well everything that was on the floor was put in a box. i am writing up all her things to do right now. when she wakes up she can pull out one paper for one item. whatever she doesn't earn back by trash day, it all goes in the black garbage can. I am so glad that you have found something that works for your kids. i have been needing something for a while. thanks again. :)Jenny

Unknown said...

LOVE this idea! Can't wait to get home and make my own "rubbage box". I see all of your images are copyrighted, will you allow me to "pin" one of your candid pictures so I can put it on my pinterest board?
Thanks, Stacy

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I also found you via Pinterest.

AngelaS said...

I found this on Pinterest. Just started it yesterday and I love it (and I think my kids actually think it's a fun way to gently remind them to pick up their things).

Dianne Boyd said...

great idea! I had the same kind of box, but I charged my kids to get an item returned. $.50 for a shoe, shirt, the other shoe, etc... I think I like your concept even better. Mine worked also, they did not like parting with their money. Definitely more useful for teenagers.

Queen of Chaos said...

I say put an expiration. If she's decided not to earn it back, then after 30 days (or your choice) it really does go. If it was an expensive item, sell it, letting her know she will pay to replace t if she decides she needs or wants a new one.

Michelle said...

You are brilliant and I love you for sharing this! :)

D said...

Great! I'll be making two totes and two lists. 15 learning disabled child who is 9 or 10 internally, needs a different list then the 4 year old smarter than a whip child.

Thank you for the idea and for sharing it with us!

SuperMom Blues said...

A Facebook friend shared this post - and I love it! SO SMART! I am a definite follower now - your blog is great! God bless!

Mom to 5 said...

I loveeeeeee this idea!! I have 5 children and someone is CONSTANTLY leaving things out and treating our home like a dump! I am going to try this out! Thanks alot for the great idea!

Abby Hunter said...

You win mom of the year!!! ;) Saw this on Pinterest...awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Love, love LOOOOVE this idea! I will be discarding the contents of a box tomorrow and start this IMMEDIATELY!!!

TheFiveDays said...

Love your list, thanks for sharing it!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to have reading children so I can do this!!! :) Thanks for the great idea.

youwholisa said...

Awesome Job! I'm going to try this tonight!

Split3ways said...

Great idea! I see this in my family's future...sadly I will probably need a bigger box. My family is terrible about leaving things out! Husband included!

Carrie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this list of ideas! I was searching for just such a thing, and it's really sparked my imagination. :) So grateful!

Dedrose said...

Great ideas, loving it already.Thank you.

Dedrose said...

Great ideas, loving it already.Thank you.

brinestone said...

This post has changed the mood in my house dramatically. My boys don't even really mind redeeming their items because of the wittiness and occasional lucky draw. Besides, they've learned to do several tasks I'd never asked them to do before. Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'd still be yelling over and over to get my kids to do anything at all otherwise.

Christine B. said...

I am 65 and have raised 4 kids with tiddy bedrooms, this idea you have is great ! What i have done also, as each week, I go in their room and I put everything in a plastic bag !they come home from school, and they love their bedroom all nice, tidy, and they have 3 days until garbage day to go through it, otherwise it is all going ! My ! they worked through their junk and 3/3 was trashed by them ! and the rest tidy put away, they skew that each week I would do this, they helped them keep a neat room . They loved breakfast and had to have their bed made prior, to this day, after 40 years, their kids and themselves cannot sleep on a unmade bed ! Today, kids seem to get away with lot more then we did in our days....good blog ! Good job !

She who Stitches said...

Yep, I love this... gonna try it here too! Thanks!

Sharna Russell said...

oh these are so funny, i am going to try and do this with my teenage daughter, as i tired of her leaving her makeup everywhere, and im sure she will do anything to get it back...she can't live without it all

Tamlynn said...

I love the creative consequences! I never would have thought of some of them. Now I secretly hope my kids will leave something out so I can hear them sing about having a clean house.

Unknown said...

I love this!! Gotta try it out on my 2-year old. :) Thank you! I've Pin'd this idea.

C N Blaze said...

I am impressed by your list! It teaches so many different things besides cleaning up after yourself. For the second time, I am impressed!

Tracey @ BellaSky said...

Love Love Love this idea!!! Doing the Wayne & Garth "I'm not worthy" bow to you! Thank you!

Amanda Laughton said...

This is a video of my kid doing something from one our box! :)

ms Joyce said...

I did this Y E A R S ago. They were teens. When they left something in the Living room .. I put it in a box in the hall closet for a week. We'er talking school books, shoes, clothes. Didn't take long and the Living room was as it should be. Hummm .. wonder if they pulled it on their kids? giggle

Unknown said...

this is friggin brilliant!!

Maybe this will work on my 7 year old. I feel like i tell him the same thing over and over again all day long!!

<3 Bethany

Come over and check out my blog please? It would make my day! I'm new to the blogosphere!!


Ginny said...

I wonder if this system will work for my hubby? :-)

Amanda Mahoney said...

I'm doing this!! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

I love this idea! Does it work for husbands too?? haha

Glue Gun Diva said...

Awesome idea! Can you give us some ideas of what to write in case DAD is the culprit for leaving things on the floor! lol

Miriam said...

This is so awesome! I have a 10 year old daughter named Hailey, I can't wait to see their faces when one of them pulls the watch Hailey for 10 minutes. This is keeping things clean and making it fun. Thank you.

Christine said...

Love this idea, and I think it's perfect timing with 4 teens in the house. I have a feeling my house will be spotless in a few weeks!

Sarah's Project said...

Thank you, thank you! What a fantastic idea to get your kids thinking & smiling about cleaning.

Kasey said...

Saw this on Pinterest!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! My children are going to hate this...muwahaahaaahaa (evil laugh,lol)!!!

Robin said...

Love it...I did something like this when my kids were little (my kids are 23 and 20 now.) I had two bags one for rewards and one for consequences. Your blog brought back some great Mommy memories. Thanks for sharing.

Emileigh Sones said...

I love that idea! Although, we are so busy around here that it would have to be like 3 months instead of 1.

Unknown said...

OH you are my new hero!! Your blog is awesome!!! Gonna try this with my son. Thanks for the great idea!! Made my day!!

Camille Deal of TheCGDstudio said...

Thank you for this. Teaches kids responsibility and consequences for their actions.

Jenny said...

I am sure you know this by now, but you are brilliant! I am starting this tomorrow! Thanks

Striving to be better. said...

Works! We are doing it for a few discipline issues too.

Sarah Cluff said...

I also like to do things such as this....... Shoes not put away for the millionth time? Nail them to the floor! Not putting their laundry away? Hang it in the tree out front. How about this, not doing their dishes? Serve their food directly on the table with no silverware.......a drink? A doggy bowl! My kids and I have fun with this, AND my house stays much more organized than before!

Sarah Cluff said...

I also like to do things such as this....... Shoes not put away for the millionth time? Nail them to the floor! Not putting their laundry away? Hang it in the tree out front. How about this, not doing their dishes? Serve their food directly on the table with no silverware.......a drink? A doggy bowl! My kids and I have fun with this, AND my house stays much more organized than before!

Sarah Cluff said...

I also like to do things such as this....... Shoes not put away for the millionth time? Nail them to the floor! Not putting their laundry away? Hang it in the tree out front. How about this, not doing their dishes? Serve their food directly on the table with no silverware.......a drink? A doggy bowl! My kids and I have fun with this, AND my house stays much more organized than before!

Fiveoclocksumwhere said...

Great idea! When my one and only was much younger, I held her stuff ransom too, only she had to buy it back. Books were free, clothing was 25 cents to 1$..... Worked for awhile, I didn't follow thru like I should have..... My one and only piece of advice to new parents. If you make a promise, keep it, no matter what, and always follow thru, don't give up, hold steady, don't give in.

blackberrywintergirl said...

Wow! I am positive this will work! I can't wait to try it at my house and to gift it to my daughter for her kids!!!

Sheralee said...

Love this im deff gonna try this with my boy's

bustybabe84 said...

You are amazing. I'm so doing this.

Michelle said...

This is awesome. Found you on Pinterest. I have got to get my act together and do this...thanks for the list so I have to do less work :) Tired of picking up crap all the time and nagging the kids to do it!!

Aleksandra said...

This is what I need! Perfect ;)

in gods time not my own said...

This is too funny

aeckert said...

Gonna need a BIG box! Lol

aeckert said...

Gonna need a BIG box! Lol

MS. KISS said...

I second that, I am going to need a really big box; and some depends!! Because, I can't wait to be creative, ROFL!! Thanks

MS. KISS said...

I second that, I am going to need a really big box; and some depends!! Because, I can't wait to be creative, ROFL!! Thanks

Shari said...

I will be doing this today while my kids are at school and then will explain it to them, so they know after 1 warning it's mine all mine (insert evil laugh here) lol

Unknown said...

Great idea, although I think it's more for husbands than least mine, anyway ;)

Unknown said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

Very nice.....

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You must be the best mom ever - lucky kids! Thank you for sharing your list - I am adopting this eye for my house!! I love the ones about rubbing dad's feet/mom's head while thanking them :) So fun, funny, and a cheerful way to teach a lesson.

Unknown said...

Very nice post.....

ellie @ creative geekery blog said...

This is GENIUS! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Love!

ellie @ creative geekery blog said...

This is GENIUS! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Love!

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Unknown said...

Yes! Great Idea! I must try, I have a 14 year old, 2 year old twins and 8 month old, and special delivery coming soon. So this will work for my 3, and I gotta use it on them as they get older!

Hannah said...

I love this! will definitely try it. For Chris, I have a 7yr old daughter who is the same way in that she likes to test me and will say she doesn't care. I think the 1 month expiration until it goes to goodwill is a great idea.

Michelle Abrahmz said...

You have a kitchen bathroom toilet? Is that a bathroom in your kitchen with its own toilet? Or did you forget to use commas?

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