Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jason's school trips...

Jason has taken countless trips to New York, California, Hong Kong and the upcoming India trip for his Masters program. I am always getting after him to take pictures but he is not as crazy about taking pictures as I am so I finally had to dig to find these pictures. Some I had to steal from his Facebook and others from his Iphone. He is so busy so I am hoping I get the descriptions right, if not he will have to help me when he gets a moment.
We only have 3 1/2 months left until he is done!
Can you believe it?
I have survived being a single mom for almost 19 months and am counting down the days until he is done.
I am so glad he has had this opportunity!
Even though there has been some breakdowns and whenever Savvy see's an airplane she says, "There's my daddy!" it has made us grow closer as a family and has made us really cherish the days we get to be with him.

Jason and some of his classmates, not sure where.

ESPN tour...

Wouldn't Jason make a great sports broadcaster?

Rockefeller Center

Hong Kong

Mall of America

Napa Valley-Robert Mondavi Vineyards

New York, Jazz Note
Jason got to listen to some great music by a famous Jazz player.
Can't remember his name.

Now these pictures are just a few hours of his long trips, the other time is spent frying his brain from sun up to sun down with business equations that look like a different language.


Trinette McCrary said...

So, when are we going on vacation?

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

I'm glad you got hold of some photos! So fun to see! He's become quite the travelin man!

Sheila Madsen said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of Jason's travels. Jason must take after his mom - I'm not much into photo taking either unlike his Dad but I guess one photo bug per family does the trick!!