Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stuck in the house blizzard fun...

The kids got their every day wish of having school cancelled today.
(I do love it when the kids are home as long as they get along!)
It's a blizzard outside so we decided to have some fun!
I have always wanted to try and make homemade candy canes and boy was it HARD!
Even though they aren't as perfect as the store bought ones, they tasted delicious!

See how cold it was? We opened the front door and there was ice on the glass.

Bring on the hot chocolate, movies and lots of snuggling!


Laura said...

You are such a great mom! Who else would've thought to make candy canes?!!?!?

Tawni said...

So fun...SO COLD!

I have to tell you that I took your dinner time pig idea and ran. Our dinners have never been more pleasant and burp free. And, to tell you the truth I haven't had to do the dishes since the beginning!! BRILLIANT!!

Could you e-mail me your address??


Ashley's Life said...

Mom that was sooooooooooooo much fun! thanks!!!

Sheila said...

Brrrr!!! Winter is in full force your way. What fun to make candy canes! Joel and I did that once our first Christmas. They are hard to make but we had fun, too. Looks like everyone had a blast