Friday, May 21, 2010

Boat Regatta...

McKay's math class had a boat regatta, it was so cool to watch!
They had to calculate weight, mass, etc. and build a boat out of cardboard and plastic. Then they went to the local high school's pool to see if it would survive.

McKay had a blast-

About 2 seconds after I took this picture, McKay shoved his boat partner into the water,
luckily his friend thought it was funny!

Even more fun was destroying their creations-


Laura said...

What a creative math project! I'm glad Mac had fun, you can totally see the joy in his face : )

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha that's funny! I like the part where McKay pushed his partner in the water! Also this is Ashley!

twin said...

It's obvious that McKay enjoyed this activity!