Friday, May 21, 2010

We made it!

It's officially
summer time,
let the party begin

My kids showing their excitement that school is out, McKay is not excited because the middle school kids still have 3 days left, but we let him leave school early today to officially welcome in the summer break!


Sheila Madsen said...

Looks like everyone is very excited. I know McKay is too but he's trying not to show it - 13 year olds are too cool for that.

Becki Madsen said...

Yay!!!! Summer is finally here! McKay is a party pooper! Just kidding though!
Love you Mom! This is Ashley by the way!

Hanson3 said...

McKay looks so much like Jason! I bet if you put that pic side by side with a pic of when Jason was that age, you couldn't tell the difference!!!