Sunday, May 23, 2010

My almost perfect day...

Lately I have been pretty sensitive to life being so short, my dear Grandmother's health is steadily declining and they are not sure she will be with us much longer.
Hearing the weekly updates about this sweet lady has been making me think about life
and how precious it is!

So today, there was a million things to do,
the usual-
breakfast, clean, bills, clean, yard work, clean,
lunch, clean, dinner, clean, plan, clean...
and do you know how much of it I got done?
I am sure my kids get sick of hearing me say,
"just a minute, let me finish, hold on..."
So today we stayed in our pajamas, ALL day-
We played, read a million books, ate tons of treats, made cookies, ate the cookies, took some cookies to the neighbors, threw the football around, played in the water, ate popsicles until we were covered in oober-stickiness, danced to loud obnoxious music until our hearts pounded with delight, made huts, relaxed on blankets outside, planted our garden together, drew pictures and listened to Logan play the piano.
Of course a day wouldn't be a normal day without some fighting, peeing on the trampoline (courtesy of our almost 2 year old who is starting the potty training process), some broken dishes and needles stuck in toes (poor McKay)
It was
a perfect day...
The only thing that would of made this day
absolutely perfect
was to have had Jason with us.
He was gone to a real estate convention this weekend.
After the kids were in bed and I started to restore some order to our home,
I felt happy.
Life is so precious, short and full of so much good!
Sometimes the dishes, bills, cleaning and organizing can take a second row, our kids won't remember the clean house we had on this day, but they will remember the fun we had!


Laura said...

What a fabulous day! It's too bad Jas wasn't there...but does it help that he was with family for a little while? We picked him up at the airport and took him to meet Norah : D

Emily H said...

What a good mommy you are!

Cheeky Kitchen said...

Allright. THAT is now my new favorite Becki Madsen picture. It is STUNNING.

And, Becki, I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma. Though I am sure she'd be quite glad to know she inspired you to enjoy a day soaking up life and your loved ones. That's exactly the sort of lesson our grandma's like us to learn early. All the more time to enjoy the truest of life's blessings.

Love you, darlin'.

twin said...

Glad you spent the day "smelling the roses" in other words enjoying the truly important things - family. We all need to do that once in a while - maybe more than that.